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Lindan Horn (Ancient Bloodlines Guild Officer)


06/26/2012 SWTOR Launces Patch 1.3!

Bioware released Patch 1.3 Today!!! Ranked PVP system and LFG is now in place! Check it out.

06/20/2012 SWTOR Merges Servers

Bioware has merged servers and is offering free character tansfers. AB Guild is moving from Helm of Graush to Prophecy of the Five.

04/28/2012 SWTOR Launces Patch 1.2!

Bioware released Patch 1.2 Today!!! Legacy system is now in place! Check it out. P.S. GUI Editor is GREAT!!!!

01/01/2012 Guild Meeting and Congratulations!

Guild Meeting is Scheduled for January 20th, 2012 at 8PM CST please join us. Also congratulations to LindanSolo on being our first level 50!!! Good Job!! Also coming in for 2nd place is Bisaci!!! Way to go!!! The two worked very well together and was able to achieve this victory in a timetable of 19 days!!!

12/01/2011 TOR Available for play beginning Dec 13th! Download NOW!

Bioware announces TOR is now available for Pre-Download and customers could begin playing as early as Dec 13th. Download Now!! :)

09/24/2011 Breaking News!!!! SWTOR RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED!!!!

BioWare and LucasArts are pleased to announce that Star Wars The Old Republic will launch on December 20, 2011 in North America and on December 22, 2011 in the European Launch Territories! The announcement was first made by BioWare co-founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk during their keynote address at the 2011 Eurogamer Expo in London, England. Speaking to a packed room of press and fans alike, Dr. Muzyka acknowledged the weight of the moment and the patience of the fans.

"This is an incredible moment for everyone at BioWare and our partners at LucasArts who have dedicated their lives to build this extraordinary game. We appreciate the patience from the millions of fans who have been waiting for the game's release."

Click Here for info regarding SWTOR Release!

07/21/2011 Breaking News!!!! SWTOR PRE-ORDER NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

On July 20th, 2011 a gamestop website accidently released an updated site containing the pre-order information of SWTOR. It was quickly taken down. On July 21st @ 3:30am CST SWTOR sent out PRE-ORDER available emails. They are only releasing a certain amount of pre-orders so get yours today!!!

Click Here for the SWTOR Pre-Order Page!

07/19/2011 Ancient Bloodlines Forum Now Active

Ancient Bloodlines forum is now active and is available for use. Please register and an admin will allow you access as soon as possible. Forum Rules will be posted in the near future.

07/19/2011 Ancient Bloodlines New Teamspeak

Ancient Bloodlines gets New Teamspeak!!! Many thanks and gratitude for the Hard Work and effort put into it by Daniel Dickerson (A.K.A Lindan Horn)!

06/24/2011 SOE to shut down SWG

June 24, 2011 SOE announced that a mutual agreement between SOE and Lucasarts has been reached that SWG will be shut down. The last day of play for SWG on any server will be Dec 15, 2011. Today is a sad day!!!

05/19/2011 SWTOR Guild Creation

Creation of a new Guild for old SWG players from Defiance/GRD and various other guilds by Fade Oden and Lindan Horn. They are calling for all old friends to unite under a new banner of truce and trust to form a solid core group for the upcoming release of SWTOR. :)

Contact Fade @ or Lindan Horn @ for more info!

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